About Us

guy_digital_ins420x315Bill Ghent, Inc. is an independent insurance agency with roots going back to 1909. We handle all types of insurance. In the personal lines area, we handle home, auto, umbrella, motorcycle, boat insurance, etc. In the commercial lines area, we handle business owners, commercial package, automobile, umbrella insurance, bonds, etc.

In addition, we also provide financial planning products such as life insurance, annuities, disability insurance and group/individual health insurance. We represent over 12 different companies and our staff has been trained to assist in finding the best Insurance program for your needs.

Our philosophy is simple, in that we represent our clients and try to find the best possible insurance at the lowest possible cost. Whether you need home insurance or business insurance, we will be happy to assist you in finding an insurance plan to fit your needs. Our agency can be reached at 618-253-7124.


Bill Ghent, Inc. was established as a ā€œCā€ corporation in 1957. Prior to that time, the company actually started in 1909 with Bill Ghent, Sr. becoming one of the partners after he served in World War II. Bill Ghent, Sr. passed away in 1973 and Bill Ghent, Jr. took over in that same year. The Agency has been in business over 107 years and has gone through many calamities. We have gone through World War I, The Depression, the Flood of 1937, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and all of the things that happened in that time up until today. We have been able to establish an agency in the Saline County area that has a history of being stable, representing fine insurance companies and representing our clients. As a matter of observation, the agency is still on Main Street except it is now at 412 N Main Street after moving from 111 North Main Street. We can safely say that we are a Main Street business and have always been on Main Street in Harrisburg, IL.